Fallen Arm Station: The Sparrowhawk's Hope

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Fallen Arm Station: The Sparrowhawk's Hope is a campaign exclusive to the second dream of Arplakoon for the Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. After hearing that his beloved ship, the AEN Sparrowhawk, had been taken by pirates and subsequently abandoned by the Alamo Empire, Jaspur Quellstone enlisted the help of a "former" pirate contact of sorts -- the notorious Sjora Starcatcher -- in hopes of narrowing down where the Sparrowhawk may have been taken. Sjora deduced that the only place a group of pirates could hope to make money off an Alamo Empire ship without being caught would be the Fallen Arm Station, a center for of illegal activity throughout the galaxy. Reclaiming the Sparrowhawk would be no easy task, and to complicate matters further, Sjora seems to have reasons of her own for helping Jaspur get to the Fallen Arm Station... reasons that, knowing her, could prove to be more dangerous than she lets on.

Meanwhile, Oscare Iono is setting out to the Fallen Arm Station to pursue the Red Quasars, the band of pirates who kidnapped Gwyna Velkt after a run-in with one of them in Fol Adessi. Though he has a lead on them thanks to Thjonn Silentstep, he'll need more than just tenacity and his newfound gifts from Arplakoon the Timedreamer to rescue the youngest Velkt from both the pirates that have abducted her and the soldiers that seem intent on doggedly pursuing her no matter the cost.

The Fallen Arm campaign is a campaign only for Arplakoon's second dream, as its story relies on the presence of characters who will likely not have any major appearances or arcs in other dreams. Although the Fallen Arm may be relevant to other dreams in other ways, this particular iteration of the campaign remains isolated to the second dream.