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A vast intermediate spiral galaxy, Vyken contains a large number of systems within its star clusters, though only two are currently known to be host to living creatures.


The Vornyk Cluster

The Vornyk Cluster is one of Vyken's few systems known to contain life. A huge number of uninhabitable planets, along with two habitable planets, Cosmott and Forigo, orbit the Cluster's single sun. The sun is known as 'the Core' to the inhabitants of Cosmott, while Forigo natives do not have a formal name for the star their planet orbits.

Neither Cosmott nor Forigo have developed space travel. While each planet is aware that the other has the capacity to hold life, neither have discovered of the extent of life that the other holds.

The Vornyk Cluster is located within an open cluster on the spiral arm of the Vyken Galaxy.

The Eymas Sector

A system on the outer reaches of the Vyken Galaxy, the Eymas Sector is host to many habitable planets, alongside some that are less welcoming of life. The Eymas Sector has two suns that orbit each other. The larger of these two stars is known by the system's inhabitants as Philo, while the smaller is called Krates. The suns themselves are especially prominent in religious imagery across many of the Sector's different cultures.