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The Sparrowhawk is a light cruiser of the Alamo Empire's stellar Navy. Emphasizing speed and responsive controls over firepower or bulk, it has the relative strength of a fighter vessel, with more space for cargo and crew, though its relative lightness means the ship must rely on its shields rather than its bulkheads in a straightforward fight.

Originally piloted by Jaspur Quellstone during his period of service, the ship was reclaimed by the military after his dismissal, and repurposed into the personal vessel of a different officer. After several years, according to information discovered by the contacts of Ivin Quellstone, the ship was reportedly overrun by dissidents and terrorists, vanishing off the stellar map and out of the military's hands. The Alamo Empire has reportedly washed its hands of the ship after investigation into the matter proved to cost more resources than the scrappy ship was worth...

Its location was discovered to be in the hands of pirates, at a criminal-run satellite known as Fallen Arm Station.

Fallen Arm Station

Using the information of his brother, and the counsel of Sjora Starcatcher, Jaspur set out to reclaim his ship, with Cameo, Doji, Oscare, Isaak and Ddremmu joining the efforts - with the Sparrowhawk a more appealing prospect, needing a means of transport and a headquarters of sorts.

After a semi-botched infiltration, and unexpected encounters with Picaro ne Valor, Riinghia Neechi, and even the infamous Brigadier Osvald Coalgrave, the party reclaimed the Sparrowhawk from the station's hangar. A number of pirates, swayed by Jaspur's damning words of Coalgrave and the cutthroat philosophy that many pirates lived by, joined the escape efforts and became crew members of the newly liberated ship - becoming the force known as the End Corps.

The godsblooded are the most trusted among Jaspur's crew, with official second-in-command being Reggio DiVanni, with Mandwin Gralbecht at his side.