Al Juraysah

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The lone aboveground yuna city in the sun-baked interior of Morgnis' central desert, Al Juraysah has an unfortunate reputation for attracting disaster. Originally founded as a sort of embassy to the roving Tocoamin, the outpost found little traction in the diplomatic business. Instead, its inhabitants turned to creating a new reason for the hamlet to exist, only to find it in an unlikely place: graverobbing.

Be it fate or luck, Al juraysah's location made it a prime base for yuna archaeologists to embark from to explore nearby Odys Riaud ruins, long hidden by the desert's ever-shifting dunes. With four separate ruins within relatively short distance, the city never lacked for eager scientists out to make their mark in one of the five dig sites: Madalshinash (City of the suns), Aqadinar (Moons' village), Jashadr (Land of trees), Uluwtaa (The dead houses), and Maead min Maead (Temples of temples).

Inevitably, with all the traffic coming through, Al Juraysah began to succumb to the plight of an overabundance of people and artifacts in a small (albeit growing) space. Plagued first by literal plagues, then by a rash of serial murderers, interest in the town eventually dried up, leading to a mass exodus of researchers who decided their lives were worth more than some ancient broken pots. Al Juraysah lay nearly abandoned for many years before the thief Yurabdim made it his personal home, bringing in a massive influx of stolen riches to jumpstart the economy once more before the entire town mysteriously died following his heist of Ujuura's Codex.

Al Juraysah has since slowly regained a new population, aiming at redeveloping the historic city into a new haven of the arts. However, something seems to be giving the fresh start some trouble...