Al Juraysah: The Copycat's Curse

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Al Juraysah: The Copycat's Curse is a campaign for The Second Starfall. It takes players to the city of Al Juraysah, amidst the middle of a crime spree reminiscent of a prolific serial killer from the days before the first Starfall. Despite the fear gripping the town, and rumors of an ancient curse bringing the killer back to life to continue their rampage, one detective has promised to restore order and peace, no matter what.

The Copycat's Curse is intended as an early campaign, serving to introduce the players to Morgnis, as well as its overarching plot. The Copycat's Curse introduces several important NPCs as well, and is best completed before any other Morgnan campaign. Additionally, the events of The Copycat's Curse directly impact all other Morgnan campaigns, and characters native to the planet as well.