Aleifur Bluehand

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"I gave everything I had to that job, and all I got in return? Fired, some pills I have to take to not go crazy, and a whole lot of debt. Can't even go home, really. It'd be too hard to look Ma in the eye."

A former technician who worked behind the scenes on the Drammer-Rammer-Bomb circuit, Aleifur Bluehand received almost no recognition for his incredibly hard work at keeping the event running smoothly. Despite his brilliance and skill with both machinery and the more magical workings of the proceedings, Aleifur was constantly given the hardest, most tedious, and most dangerous tasks. This culminated when one of the red barriers for a premiere event was acting strangely; rather than seeking an expert to determine whether the chrono was a hazard or not, the head engineer sent Aleifur to investigate.

The store of red chrono had been improperly sealed, and as Aleifur was not given any sort of protective equipment, he was quickly overwhelmed. When Aleifur woke up, he was isolated in a quarantine. He was essentially fired on the spot, as he was deemed too hazardous to keep on staff, and he has spent the last several years doing freelance smithing work in-between therapy sessions and on-commission, off-suppressant magical item creation (despite all warnings that this could lead to his death).