Alesderan the Infinite Coil

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Alesderan the Infinite Coil
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Pronunciation: Ah-less-dare-ahn
Domain: Imagination/Travel/Trickery/Rune/Wards/Protection/Solitude/Fortifications/Defense
Gender: Male
Status: Alive }}
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Alesderan the Infinite Coil is a serpent deity so enormous, he was said to be able to coil around the whole of the galaxy. Despite his size, Alesderan was said to be impossible to find unless one went "too far" in exploring the depths of space, whereupon he would make himself appear and force any ships to turn back. Encounters with him are unsurprisingly sparse and riddled with contradictions, indicating that they're probably fabricated. As such, conclusive information about Alesderan is extremely difficult to find.