Anleiter Velkt

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The long-vanished Veriol Alliance spy, Anleiter Velkt's disappearance left behind four orphaned daughters -- Aricrauer, Lexa, Brook, and Gwyna Velkt. The circumstances behind his disappearance are more or less an enigma to anyone involved; not even his daughters knew exactly what happened to him. If any Veriol officials knew, they also wouldn't speak of it. Only finding the sword he used -- the family heirloom Feivelkt -- without him was any indication of his ultimate fate.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


At some point, Anleiter was seen meeting with Queen Merkrauer Reinfell, indicating her evident interest in Veriol Alliance affairs. Anleiter raised his daughters alone following the death of his wife to an anti-darkrunner hate crime, though the nature of his job meant that he was usually absent. At some point, he was killed and sealed into Feivelkt. It is unknown how Feivelkt was returned to his daughters afterwards. Aricrauer kept the sword, finding it comforting to speak to for reasons she wasn't sure of, but she forbade her sisters from touching it, lest they also end up involved in the chaos surrounding the godslayers and those who could use them.

Second Dream of Arplakoon

Sabaria: The Monster Within

Though his identity was then-unknown, Anleiter, while in Feivelkt, answered Astruc's call in awakening the sword in order to free Aricrauer from her cell during Arplakoon's second dream.

Lyzots: The Piper's Call

After the spirit inside Zwehan Kut revealed to Aricrauer that all godslayers have souls of previous wielders trapped in them, Aricrauer realized that Feivelkt was, in fact, her father. This revelation came too late, however; just prior, Feivelkt had been stolen away by Set Sietsan and Rotus.

Alti Maru: The Last Stand

Feivelkt -- still with Anleiter sealed inside -- made an appearance with Set Sietsan during the Veriol Summit. The sword had once been a vibrant scarlet, but now was sallow and pale in color, corrupted by the powers of Kraderag. Set had evidently bent the sword to his will, and Anleiter was heard sparingly when Feivelkt was turned against Isaak and Cameo. He pleaded to be liberated and begged for forgiveness, unable to fight against what Set was doing. Anleiter, in the end, was freed from the grasp of the corrupted godslayer; Set was killed during the fight with Isaak and Cameo, replacing Anleiter's spirit in Feivelkt.