Antanolya Blet

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"Thanks for coming to Blet's Bits, hope you have a Lark in Edlarkken!"

Antanolya Blet is the adopted mother of Kirsta Redmane. She runs Blet's Bits, a pawn shop in Edlarkken. She is very pragmatic, but fiercely protective of her daughter. Her most notable traits are her small horns, one of which seems to have been cut. Her right ear matches, with a small notch missing. Her fur has a brown dot above each eye, giving her the illusion of eyebrows, and as a result, an extremely expressive face.


Antanolya has spent a great deal of her life living on Raljikka, in Edlarkken. She worked in minor retail positions, slowly saving up until she was able to purchase her own storefront, no longer having to work for -- or answer to -- anyone but herself.

The only thing in Blet's Bits that Antanolya won't sell is an old suit of armor and a warhammer that she keeps along the back wall. Despite their apparent age, they are always impeccably shiny. Whenever Antanolya is asked about them, she simply grunts in response.