Apocalypse's Wake

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Chrono Stars: Apocalypse's Wake is a game that takes place immediately after the Godbomb in 4100, the apocalypse that destroyed much of the technology built up during the Millennial Calm and cutting off worlds from one another.


Survival and reconstruction -- two goals that, at times, may seem to be mutually exclusive. It is up to players to decide where they stand in this ravaged world -- if they will seek to help others rebuild or try to clamber to the top of a newly-evolving social order. The game may be played in either the 3.5e rules used also in The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy, or with the Chrono Stars System created specifically for the setting.

Apocalypse's Wake is freeform, allowing players to go where they want and do what serves their goals. Particular locales may have little vignettes or side stories of sorts that players can choose to engage in at will. Perhaps even in this desolate, destroyed land, they might uncover more secrets of the Ealdremen Galaxy and what exactly transpired in 4100 to incur the gods' wrath.

Dreams of Arplakoon

Apocalypse's Wake is considered to take place during the first dream of Arplakoon, though there may be references to other dreams' primary characters in some way (such as meeting the ancestor of a player character) depending on the players involved. Due to how enormous its scope is and how dependent it is on where player characters are stranded after the Godbomb hits, different games in Apocalypse's Wake are not necessarily separate realities and could even cross over at times with different groups influencing the greater outcome of the game.