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Chrono Stars: Arplakoon's Daydreams is a series of short-form campaigns, especially one-shot campaigns, that explore various parts of Ealdremen and their stories. Uniquely among Chrono Stars games, Arplakoon's Daydreams have no set gamemasters or a set list of players, instead facilitating short campaigns where numerous people can serve as gamemaster, player, or spectactor at their leisure within the same general framework.


When Ealdremen was destroyed and led into the Final Nightmare, fragments of the dead world began to manifest in the unreality known as Anamnesis, brought on by the survivors' memories. However, these are not the only things that give life to Anamnesis -- the dead world itself dreams in its unwaking torment, remembering things from its past in lucid dreams. These lost stories of Ealdremen restore pieces of things long-gone to Anamnesis -- but only if those tales are told in full and have witnesses to their conclusions.


Interested players may choose to gamemaster a Daydream campaign, which are meant to be short Pathfinder campaigns that are not heavily connected to one another, if they are connected at all. Such campaigns will mostly be run during downtime phases for other Chrono Stars games or otherwise run on weeks where those games do not play so that those who want to play together more often can do so, or so alternate character concepts or story ideas can be explored. Players do not need to be involved in other Chrono Stars games to be part of a Daydream in any capacity, though they should be aware of the setting and its basic rules so that they are not disadvantaged compared to players who know the setting well. Daydream campaigns will never be necessary for understanding the full plot of a given Chrono Stars game, allowing for players to participate according to what interests them.

Daydream campaigns should exclusively be Pathfinder or a related system, such as Starfinder; this is to ensure parity in Ealdremen's lore where game mechanics inform the story or otherwise influence what happens. If you want to run a game that is not Pathfinder-related but is set in Ealdremen, it can be run as a separate game and will go through separate channels to make sure it works within Ealdremen.

Completion of a Daydream campaign during the Final Nightmare will change Anamnesis in some way, subject to a discussion with that Daydream's gamemaster.

Arplakoon's Daydreams House Rules

  1. The gamemaster of the Daydream has the final say on all game mechanics and other rules, even if it contradicts an established ruling in another Chrono Stars game.
  2. Unless otherwise stated by the Daydream's gamemaster, the ability score modifier floor of all Daydreams is +10, and players can modify their ability scores accordingly, such as reducing one score to raise another score, so long as their overall ability score modifier does not exceed +10 or whatever they rolled, whichever is higher. No single ability score should exceed 18 before racial modifiers are applied.
  3. Unless otherwise stated by the Daydream's gamemaster, all player characters have wealth according to whatever level they begin the Daydream at. It is up to the gamemaster if player characters will keep pace with wealth by level if they level up during a Daydream, but players should probably expect to not get a substantial amount of gold or items to keep pace with wealth by level due to the short nature of these campaigns.
  4. All Ealdremen House Rules are in effect. Gamemasters modifying or altering house rules should do so with discretion, as these house rules are an expected part of playing a Chrono Stars Pathfinder game.

Considerations for Prospective Gamemasters

  1. Make sure prospective players know the following before the game begins:
    1. What is the premise of the campaign, such as the location or time period?
    2. What sort of mood, themes, or other traits pertain to the campaign? Is it a light-hearted campaign focusing on wacky shenanigans, or is it a somber campaign that will have a lot of combat?
    3. Are there any restrictions on characters that can be made for the campaign, like banned classes or if all characters must be from a certain area or have a particular event in their backstories?
    4. How do player characters fit into this campaign? Why are they here?
    5. Should players expect to level up? What level will they begin at?
    6. How often and at what time will the game play? A typically good timeslot that works for most players is around 3pm EST on Sundays, but you are free to suggest other times depending on what works for you and your players.
    7. Are there any campaign-specific house rules or other restrictions?
  2. What is the party composition, and how many players do you have? Do you need to introduce non-player characters to round out a group? Typical encounters are balanced around the presence of four players that are varied in composition.
  3. How many sessions is this campaign expected to take?
  4. Do you have art assets for the game, such as maps, music, or tokens for creatures and players?

List of Daydreams

Rojar Celestany: The Rainfall - After years of development, the Horizon Station of Beyne territory Rojar Celestany has finally mastered the technology and chemical recombination necessary to generate rainclouds and finally fix the region's long-held agricultural problems. The inaugural storm--the first artificial rainfall--is days away, and the city is abuzz with excitement... so why does it seem as though the locals have something to hide?

Bracken Nebula: The Caretaker - Increased pirate activity in the main interspace lanes necessitates that a simple courier mission take the path less traveled; through the dense Bracken Nebula, a dense cloud of sensor-jamming gases and obscuring astral fog. But if not pirates, what--or who--might the group encounter within?

MOTE Station: Server of Two Masters - A pre-bomb structure drifting through the outer reaches of space seems to be sending a faint distress beacon, though there are no apparent life-forms aboard. What's more, it appears endowed with a wealth of historical and mechanical knowledge from the civilizations prior--the entire station itself some sort of intergalactic communications outpost and database, now no longer functioning. What treasures of the past lie aboard--and should they be left to lie...?