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"Forget what has happened. Forget what will happen again. Only consider how you can break the cycle."

BREAK THE CYCLE is a campaign that takes place on Forigo, a planet in the Vyken Galaxy. Every living thing on Forigo is immortal, and has existed for as long as anyone can remember. But the denizens of the planet grow weary of eternal life, and many are seeking a new truth: the unknown embrace of death.


A permanent state of unbeing. A darkness that is not a shadow cast by something brighter, but that gorges upon itself to grow. The promise of death: that is the promise given to those who have grown weary of a life without end. That is the promise given by the entity known as ZGN.

They did not come to Forigo, but Their message reached its citizens all the same, carried by messengers whose power rivaled the Forigoans own. That They were the natural end to all things, and that Forigo was next in Their path. That they could choose to embrace death; embrace Them, and suffer life no longer. Or that they could fight death; carry on living a life of eternal torment until Their arrival.

Forigoans were torn in their decisions. Some wished for a release from eternity, while others were determined to experience more, to fight back against the impending end to all things. Their bickering turned to war, and in this war, something unusual happened; something that had not happened in all of Forigo's long, storied history.

People began to die.

Even more unusual was what happened after: rebirth. People were reborn with all their memories intact, but with more power than they had ever experienced in their past life. As the cycle of life, death, and rebirth continues on, some wonder when they will truly experience the permanence of death. Some wonder when They will show it to them... and some would do anything to break the cycle.


BREAK THE CYCLE is played using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) TTRPG system. Players may choose from any of the Forigoan races. Players begin at Novice rank, with 0 advances. Unusually for the system, advances may only be earned through dying.