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A guard stationed in Fort Darackei, Nessandra "Baccano" DiVanni and her twin brother, Eranni, are among the first to welcome newcomers to the fort and also the first to be sent on less than safe missions due to their tendency to irritate Governor Danazzi. Though young, Baccano tries to keep herself and Eranni out of trouble with mixed results. Rarely do they go looking for trouble; rather, misfortune seems to find them on its own.

Second Dream of Arplakoon

Mioura: The Forgotten Past

Baccano appears in the Mioura campaign with her brother, Eranni. Originally assigned to give the newcomers a tour of the fort, the new arrivals opted to ignore them and set off on their own instead. However, the later arrivals Cameo and Ddremmu helped the twins fend off some undead beasts near the fort's graveyard. They found a young necromancer there who intoned for them to visit the Village of Stone in the east, though Baccano wisely decided it would be better to stay out of it and merely directed Cameo and Ddremmu to there, if they wanted to go.

At first, that seemed to be the end of that, but Baccano later found Bahku and Liddum -- who had arrived late and been left behind by the others respectively -- being attacked on the road by monsters. After helping them, she revealed that Eranni had gone missing, probably to set out for Dokani Castle in the east, and asked them to find him.

Third Dream of Arplakoon

Mioura: The Forgotten Past

In Arplakoon's third dream, Baccano and her brother, Eranni, make an appearance once more. This time around, they encountered the newcomers to the fort and explained a little bit about Mioura, Fort Darackei, and the ruins that the researchers hoped to investigate. They offered to escort them to the bridge in the east on the way to Dokani Castle, but refused to go beyond that. True to their word, they helped them fend off monsters, and they left them to their own devices, wishing them the best of luck.

Fourth Dream of Arplakoon

Mioura: The Forgotten Past

During Arplakoon's fourth dream, Baccano ushered in the disembarking ship's passengers into the fort following the skeleton wolves' attack. When several of them -- Raanya Daarimo, Karsuri ne Humility, and Hjördís Ermentrud -- delivered the news of spotting a necromancer near the fort, she and Eranni suggested that they go tell Governor Danazzi.

When those same people were leaving the fort, Baccano offered to have her and Eranni escort them as far as the bridge. Absinthe expressed "concern" that abandoning their post would get them in trouble, to which Baccano coldly said that protecting researchers was part of their job. Nonetheless, the point about leaving the fort unmanned was duly noted, and she let them choose which of the two to bring with them. Because of his greater knowledge of the area, Eranni was chosen, and Baccano saw them off.