Bako-chun: The Beast Below

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“Violence for violence is the rule of beasts” - Barack Obama


Bako-chun: The Beast Below is a campaign set in the Vistelo galaxy. It takes players to the island of Bako-chun, native home of the dancing-people, only recently ceded by the Chairui Empire due to interplanetary pressure. The results of a new presidential election have stirred old grudges, as once again a kage-shun has won the presidency, leading to the natives crying foul play. However, the president has promised a transparent and open term, and he's starting it by opening up the island's caves, long closed off from exploration by both law and pressure from the terrorist group Zume no Karashi. There's whispers, however, that this "diplomatic" move has deeper motivations...

Bako-chun: The Beast Below is designed as an introductory campaign for the Vistelo galaxy, setting up key plot elements, while also giving a good feel for what kind of stories this galaxy has to tell.