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Pronunciation: Bay-nay or Bane
Adjectival: Beynid
Semi-Major Axis: 241000000 km
Orbital Period 746.33 days (447.98 Beynid days)
Synodic Period: 40 hours
Equatorial Radius: 5561.3 km
Planet Type: Habitable terrestrial

Beyne is a habitable planet in the Ealdremen Galaxy. It is the farthest of all habitable planets from the sun. Despite this, Beyne is actually not significantly colder overall than the planets closer to the sun. Researchers have been unable to deduce how this is possible.


Beyne has no oceans to speak of, merely a single freshwater sea known as Ra Lar -- the largest body of water on this otherwise desert-covered planet. There are some smaller lakes throughout Beyne's nations, most man-made and few naturally-occurring. Most of Beyne's nations that remain after the Godbomb are localized to around Ra Lar, though the nations of Scrapyard and Nalmación are located far from Ra Lar and are in the mountains that divide the massive desert that covers Beyne.

The desert is referred to as God's Land. Despite outsiders' assumptions to the contrary, the land is not considered holy, nor is it even considered truly connected to the gods except by some disparate cults that eke out a pathetic existence in the desert's reaches. God's Land was so-named because it was where religious zealots were cast out as a death sentence. They would be closer to their god in the desert -- in death. Though Beyne's nations are more tolerant of open religiosity than in the past, the name still remains as a testament to the enduring anti-religion sentiment that permeates Beynid society.


Beyne has two moons: Aruna and Paltriz.

Governing Forces

Though there are some outposts on Beyne from the Alamo Empire, Veriol Alliance, and Gerualdi Union, Beyne's nations are by and large autonomous and do not answer to one of the major factions. The country of Derrindo has the greatest amount of Alamo influence due to being one of the last footholds that the Alamo Empire had on the planet before being pushed out by the Nazdrovie Pact; even with the Alamo Empire's government ousted, there were enough Alamo forces there that to this day, Derrindo is distinctly more militant and has far more Alamin speakers than its neighbors.