Beyne: The Vengeful God

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Beyne: The Vengeful God is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the planet Beyne, where all over the world, people have been turning up dead with nothing remaining of their bodies but bones that are harder than stone, as if they have laid in the earth for centuries and are only now just being found. At the same time, there are rumors of a shadowy cult being linked to these murders -- a cult that claims to answer to a power far greater than the gods their ancestors attempted to kill before the Godbomb.

The Beyne campaign is best-suited for the last few campaigns, as its events hinge on players having an understanding of the galaxy at large and why certain elements of the Beyne campaign would be shocking to an inhabitant of the Ealdremen Galaxy. Not only that, but it ties directly into the Kyrol campaign, which is meant to be played last.

The theme of Beyne: The Vengeful God is Frozen.