Castaways System

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Located on the end of the Braskendell Arm of Ealdremen, the Castaways System is functionally inert and bereft of Chrono, the magic long ago siphoned by the Raashjin to construct new worlds. The most ancient of elders may whisper of an era when spells were cast through books and bloodlines, gods and nature, but the Castaways left behind on their fractured, lifeless worlds now have only themselves to rely upon. The planets of the Castaways System react strongly to mortal willpower, allowing the Castaways to manipulate the world around them in tangible ways simply by willing it. Such powers are sometimes called psionics by the Ninefold System's scholars and are distinct from conventional spells, as the quintessence of magic cannot be found on any planet within the Castaways System, nor can many basic forms of life in the absence of a willing psionic. Forests may grow, but their presence is contingent on their creator remaining nearby, a shaky prospect at best -- for within the Castaways System, there are just as many psionics who manipulate not the world, but the minds of others, hoping to take for themselves the sparse creations of the world-changing psionics.