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The Chromatic Corporation, or as it is more commonly known, ChromaCorp, is by far the largest and most influential business in all of the Vyken Galaxy. The company itself has countless locations across the Eymas Sector and is responsible for the employment of almost one fourth its population. Despite its size, the corporation is accountable for only a single commodity: color.

Though ChromaCorp is not responsible for the production of color, it is the sole proprietor of not only the rights, but the means to use any sort of coloration. Since the founding of ChromaCorp by a woman named Roxan Argyros in the year 139840, the entire Eymas Sector has been visible only in shades of grey. Though no one in the Sector has lost the ability to see color, in order to use it-- either on one's self or one's possessions-- one must rent each tone separately from ChromaCorp. Prices are steep, and color has become a luxury that very few can afford.

As is to be expected, ChromaCorp is surrounded heavily by public scorn. Despite this, the company has persisted for hundreds of years owing to its many generous donations to the Sector's government, the Tri-Parl.