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"Not everything is black and white."

Chromic is a campaign that takes place on the various worlds throughout the Eymas Sector, a system in the Vyken Galaxy. For hundreds of years, the citizens of the Sector have lived in shades of grey. Colors are controlled by a monopoly known as ChromaCorp, and only the rich can afford their pricey hues. Recently, chrono itself has become usable only by those who own its corresponding color, and the players are living the consequences.


In the Eymas Sector, life is bleak-- literally. With only the most elite having the money to buy the rights to color from the megacorporation ChromaCorp, almost everything is drab and grey. To counter this, some even create bootleg color, though such tones are extremely illegal, and the penalty for counterfeit chomatics is steep. Over time, the citizens of the Sector have come to tolerate their monotone existence...

...Until the year 140277, when magic stopped working. Scholars, mages, wizards, and the like were stumped... until they realized that chrono was now only usable by those who owned its corresponding color. The outrage over this loss of magical ability was extreme. No one has been able to figure out exactly how or why ChromaCorp stole the magic from the world. However, a small few have decided to fight back...


Players create a character within the Eymas Sector. Any of the default D&D or Pathfinder races may be used. For more obscure races, permission must be granted by the DM. Character creation is done using Pathfinder rules with the addition of all Ealdremen House Rules, including Tenacity rules. Players may use homebrew or third party classes when granted the DM's permission. Characters begin play at level 5.