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Derrindo, to this day, retains much of the imperial influence that created it following the Second Galactic War. Its name refers to Derrin Stormwing I, not Derrin Stormwing IX as is commonly believed (as the latter had not been born when the country was created). Alamin is still widely spoken in Derrindo, and many of its citizens bear Alamin-style surnames but stylized more to fit Beynid inclinations and history, such as Cybergrasp or Desertstep. While Derrindo maintains typical Beynid cultural trappings such as the emphasis on water and considering proximity to Ra Lar prestigious and a sign of wealth, it is more emotionally restrained and "disciplined" overall than some of its neighbors.

Though some Alamo Empire outposts still exist in Derrindo, they're regarded as mostly harmless and just part of tradition by locals. Imperial soldiers stationed in Derrindo do not impose their authority on Derrindo citizens and may even go out of their way to be considered "one of the natives". In contrast, an imperial soldier who turns their nose up at Derrindo's way of life might find themselves harassed until they are dismissed from Derrindo and sent elsewhere by their superiors. Alamo Empire soldiers with experience in Derrindo often joke that you don't choose to stay in Derrindo; Derrindo chooses if you stay or not.