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Detia is sometimes referred to as a land of black lakes -- an especially stigmatic descriptor for a Beynid nation where water is most precious. Originally part of Koraso, Detia consists of land that was deemed "uninhabitable" and "unfit for life" following the Godbomb, and the Korasians sent their criminals and outcasts to the lakes that had been polluted beyond use when the Godbomb destroyed oil refineries and entire cities adjacent to them. In time, the land became its own country, for the outcasts created their own government and resisted Korasian attempts to annex Detia again once it became clear that the Detians -- "the detained" -- were a highly industrious, tenacious people and were, in fact, prospering in the dead land.

Due to its relatively short history, Detia's culture is still struggling to find its identity, particularly in a world where survival is no longer as much of a struggle as it once was and where communication between nations across other planets is commonplace. There is a distinct mistrust of the wealthy and high in status, which can sometimes reflect back onto the government if an elected official is deemed to have "too many" connections to outside funding or spends too much on things the citizens don't view as important. Notably, Detia has no standing military as it was cut in a landmark national budgeting decision several decades ago, instead expending finances formerly allocated to a military to training the common citizen to defend themselves.