Deusar the Worldchaser

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Deusar the Worldchaser
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Pronunciation: Day-oo-sar
Domain: Repose/Sun/Void
Gender: Genderless
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Though accounts vary of his allegiances, Deusar the Worldchaser was a god that, in the end, came to the aid of mortals. It is said that when mortals attempted to slay gods just prior to the Godbomb, Deusar initially warned his kin of the mortals' intentions. However, Deusar appeared suddenly during a great battle to slay a particular god (which one varies by the source). Deusar apparently shielded the mortals with his own body, sustaining great wounds and disappearing entirely after the Godbomb, never to be seen again.


Deusar's last known form was a huge serpent with feathered wings, impressions of galaxies and constellations ever-shifting along the plumage. His scales and feathers were otherwise dark in color. His title is said to be derived from how they would pursue planets or other celestial bodies in orbit; from the surface, a bright streak of light seen across the night sky was said to be Deusar passing by the planet to "hunt" another one.