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Codes, engineering, and programming are something of a religion amongst the denizens of Dezir, their holy books written in binary and their temples' interiors made to resemble the insides of computers. Divine magic drawn from these faiths is viewed not as magic at all, but as accessing the "code" of the universe and manipulating it; outsider divine magic and arcane magic, however, will usually be viewed with as much scrutiny as one might expect of a Beynid country.

Planning and time-keeping are of utmost importance to Dezir's citizens. They regard people who are chronically late or impulsive as immature at best and outright rude at worst -- however, all problems have solutions in Dezir. Much as a program might not function well due to an errant bug or poorly written line of code, so it is with all things, including people. To uncover the solution, sometimes one must return to the foundations of the problem and see where it stems from rather than just look at the surface. The government's focus is on minimizing small inconveniences and problems in order to amount to a better-functioning world; rather than try to expand the country's territory to gain more resources, the government is more inclined to make existing resources more efficient and better-distributed.