Doji, Daughter of Paipo

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With the energy of a child and the attitude to match, Doji, Daughter of Paipo practically radiates good cheer. While she is exceedingly intelligent, able to rapidly and effectively solve logic puzzles and engineering problems, her understanding of social etiquette is flawed at best. She is entirely too trusting, believing only the best in even the worst of people, and is completely unable to keep a secret for any amount of time. Despite her shortcomings, Doji is an incredibly loyal friend who would go to great lengths to help those in need.


It was from her father that Doji learned the lessons that would guide her on her journey through life. As a child, Paipo regaled his daughter with tales of his own childhood on the Gili Isles, imparting upon her the significance of their traditions and the benefits of harmony, family, and peace. He also taught her what she knows of her faith; that sowing death and destruction was the domain of Alvarus the Netherlord, and life was not a plaything for mortals to toy with however they pleased.

Paipo was not the only one guiding her as she grew. Her father's employer, a reot nicknamed Crank, had also taken a shine to young Doji. He trained her to have a mind for logic and puzzles, nursing her intellect and curiosity for the world. Crank taught her how to manipulate and modify technology to her liking, showing her that even the most mundane objects could be turned into something remarkable if given enough attention.

Under their guidance and care, Doji remained in Derrindo for all of her adolescence. When it came time for her to seek her Soul Gem, she finally left the Beynid nation and her family behind, traveling far and wide on adventures in search of the precious stone. While adventuring across the galaxy, she encountered a ragtag group of misfits, befriending them and working with them to further their goals. Eventually, she was separated from the group, and it was during this time apart that she discovered her Soul Gem.

Though she knew she would miss her friends deeply, Doji was sure that they would be able to take care of each other with or without her. Instead of continuing to search for them, she turned her focus to those who did not have loved ones to notice their absence. Doji traveled to the Raljikkan nation of Streeg, where she knew there were many who had been lost or displaced by time. Her heartfelt care for those who did not have a family of their own was enough to earn her a position as matron of the Rekkso Orphanage, and it was there she remained until unfortunate circumstances forced her away.