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The people of Dralvarus hold to an ancient legend that once, their ancestors were torn apart by war and strife and fought one another to the brink of extinction. But thanks to the timely intervention of Alvarus the Netherlord, the land was saved, for it was said that Alvarus himself roamed the battlefields to claim the living from where they stood -- as the people were so doomed that he saw no need to wait for them to actually die. Terrified by the appearance of the god of death, the people proclaimed this land to be sanctified in the name of Alvarus, and they buried their weapons to represent the end of their wars against one another, vowing to only fight to protect themselves as a united people. All throughout Dralvarus, "weapons graveyards" can be found, and modern-day descendants of the original Dralvarians still bury new weapons there in symbolic deference to the death god that saved their bloodlines. The elders of Dralvarus murmur that a time may come when the young Dralvarians will need to unearth these weapons -- many of which are said to be enchanted or greatly powerful -- to protect their homeland, as Ealdremen marches ever closer to greater conflict and war.

Nationality is strong throughout Dralvarus; even those who live in other countries will be proud of their Dralvarian heritage. Some take their nation's "oath" to Alvarus with great intensity. Some are utterly pacifistic and keeping death solely in the realm of the Netherlord; others, however, are reputed assassins that come from long lines of secret defenders of Dralvarus. Bloodlines and family are of utmost importance to the Dralvarians, and few would dream of marrying a non-Dralvarian unless they became a naturalized citizen of the country. To uphold one's family traditions is a great honor, and as a result, they are unsurprisingly hostile towards the Alamo Empire. They see no need to unite with other countries unless it is to maintain their own independence, as they did during the Third Galactic War and formed part of the Nazdrovie Pact.