Dralvarus: The Unbound Chains

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Dralvarus: The Unbound Chains is a campaign for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It takes players to the continent Dralvarus, a landmass on Raljikka that has recently become overrun with spirits. Though the religious people of the land have differing opinions on what may have caused this, there are less savory sorts who seek to take advantage of the chaos. Slavers roam the land in search of unsuspecting prey, preventing the government from fully responding to the threat of the spirits.

The Dralvarus campaign is indirectly connected to several plots, and it can be done at any time with minimal negative consequences for the story's overarching narrative. It is recommended that it is done after at least one or two other plots, however, because its open-ended nature can be daunting and difficult for new players.

The theme for Dralvarus: The Unbound Chains is The Heart of Everything.