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Drio is a southern Gerualdian nation known for being the last nation at the borders of Solçãoraldos, having yet to succumb to the plagues and poisons that have taken over Quanmo's southeast peninsula. As Solçãoraldos has spread, more and more of the Drian people have fled to regions farther from the southern border, or even to other countries entirely. Cities that have not been evacuated, such as Haven Plateau, must maintain meticulous precautions to avoid letting carriers of Solçãoraldos' plague into the city. Survivors or descendants thereof from nations consumed by Solçãoraldos may linger on Drio's outskirts with hopes of reclaiming their homes someday -- or at least finding lost mementos from countries that no longer exist.

Reos are still common in Drio despite their reduced prominence in other nations; they often serve important roles in their communities, and most Drian settlements, no matter how small, will have a Reo. Reos have only become increasingly important in areas near Solçãoraldos, as their divine magic tends to be capable of at least alleviating symptoms associated with exposure to Solçãoraldos' fumes and spores. With the national government having a token presence at best in regions close to Solçãoraldos, Reos tend to occupy leadership positions as well and may serve as speakers on their communities' behalf when the government turns a blind eye to their needs.