Ealdorlege System

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The Ealdorlege System, located in the Eetocuatl Arm of the Ealdremen galaxy, is an odd solar system that has no planets within six billion kilometers of its massive central star. In contrast, neighboring star systems that have habitable planets tend to have their habitable planets within several hundred million kilometers of their star, with farther planets significantly less likely to be able to sustain life. Ealdorlege's planets are largely gas giants of unfathomable size, easily fifteen to twenty times of the largest planets of other solar systems, with the goliath Ealdorlege planets reaching up to four octillion kilograms in mass in spite of their huge distance from their orbiting star. It is thought that Ealdorlege's isolation from other solar systems and general lack of stars allowed for these gas giants to form in such large masses at these unfathomable distances, as their weak orbits that can take millions of years would otherwise be disrupted by the stronger pull of another star.

Although Ealdorlege may seem uninhabitable, it does carry sustained populations in hiding from the Raashjin of the Heavens' Fog Systems. Rather than dwell on planets, the people of Ealdorlege collect parts of gods' corpses from other systems and stitch them together to create planetoid-sized carriers that aimlessly float in morbid orbits in near-empty, starless space. Such is the power of the gods that even these stitched-up corpses can still produce air, water, and life, but the mortals' attempts to hold together disparate pieces of gods are not so infallible, and it is fairly common for pieces of these dead gods to break apart in the vast void of space and send their inhabitants hurtling away from the main body, perhaps never to be seen again.