Ealdremen: The Adrift Dreams

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Ealdremen: The Adrift Dreams is a campaign exclusive to the sixth dream of Arplakoon. Its core events focus around individual player characters, spurring them into action within an unusually altered story based on The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. Every subcampaign serves as an introduction to a different player character and shows how the dream goes "adrift" from the main story.


Adrift Dreams: The Broken Oath

"My true power lays hidden, awaiting the day I am needed once more."

Still dreaming...

Adrift Dreams: The Phoenix's Ashes

"You have a great destiny, and I shall aid you in fulfilling it."

Still dreaming...

Adrift Dreams: The Forsaken Breath

"My aim is true, but I am only as mighty as the hands that wield me."

Still dreaming...

Adrift Dreams: The Torn Time

"They call me the weakest of my kin, yet more blood has been spilt to acquire me than any other."

Njóskkari Skkartön is sent on her first mission with her mentor, the Tenth Falcon. But she soon finds herself faced with the realization that even with the ability to go back in time, some things will happen again and again.

Adrift Dreams: The Unshed Tears

"I give the gods cause to weep, for I turn their powers against them."

Adelle-Adelia-Adelaide is called back to God's Land to help initiate a new oracle into the Cults of Kraderag. What she discovers instead is enough to bring to light that her faith is not quite what she believed it to be.

Adrift Dreams: The New Reality

"Use my power well, for in revealing the truth, you may scar the world."

Rašeljka Jestrába has lived her life among the Hawks of Oreltak, a goddess of war and glory. Even if a life of honor is not easy to live by, it is certainly rather clear-cut what is and isn't honorable -- until she is met with a distant land's king that throws her entire view of reality into question.

Adrift Dreams: The Destructive Cycle

"I thirst for battle once more -- to draw the blood of those who would do you harm."

Oriani, the Outsider, has been alone for quite some time, guided by the hand of an unseen god that everyone claims is a figment of her imagination. Maybe the answers she seeks are more dangerous than she initially believed, especially as her path seems particularly contingent on following a destructive dream.

Adrift Dreams: The Traitor's Fear

"Last to be forged. First to take a life. Even now, I can hear their screams."

Linneav Usenko and her companions among the sallowpaws are sent to interrogate an Alamo Empire soldier, who turns out to be Jaltur Ironhide. Though Linneav is convinced of her cause's righteousness, there are things that prey on the fear she keeps hidden away.