Eht Veneleraph

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Eht Veneleraph is the true name of the mighty being that is the Vyken Galaxy. The being is indescribably vast, with thick, stocky limbs and a low bearing that holds it steady and still. Its antlers spread across the galaxy, supporting the planets and stars and keeping them in place with its tines. The being is translucent, with constantly shifting colors and hues. Despite its transparency, its outline gives off a considerable glow. It almost appears as a spot of light among the darkness of space.

The motivations of Eht Veneleraph are unclear. However, it appears to never move, standing firm and steady as a statue as it holds the galaxy in place. It almost seems to be waiting for something.

Though most of the galaxy is unaware of the existence of Eht Veneleraph, the denizens of planet Forigo know of the dreamer, though only as a concept. Their name for the mighty being is Omnibuck, and though they cannot possibly comprehend the dreamer's forms or desires, they believe it to be the creator and protector of all things.