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Eiorozziore is a shortsword and was the first of the godslaying weapons to be forged. Its name means "Godbreaker" in Nicta-slio.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


Eiorozziore, when in its awakened form, pulses with blue runes and lines along both the blade and its hilt. Its hilt is silver and has its name engraved into it.

When inactive, Eiorozziore resembles a normal steel sword.


The voice of Eiorozziore is usually quiet, often speaking in a low tone. When inflamed, Eiorozziore's voice becomes much more stern and fierce. Its voice always has a slight reverberation to it, almost a peculiar echo in the wielder's head when it speaks.

It is said that when introducing itself, Eiorozziore will tell its new wielder, "My true power lays hidden, awaiting the day I am needed once more."



The incantation to awaken Eiorozziore is spoken in Nicta-slio.

"Cazzi eios l'matdran! Eiorozziore, despedra!"

Translated, it means, "Even gods can be killed! Godbreaker, awaken!"


The spirit trapped inside of Eiorozziore is that of Scalco DiSpada, the man who forged the sword. Though sarcastic and callous, Scalco DiSpada is nonetheless apparently dedicated to the purpose that the godslayers were forged for, whatever it may be. He dislikes being trapped in Eiorozziore, but he refuses to seek a way out so long as the godslayers' goal remains unfilfilled.