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If life is a stage and all the living mere actors in a grand play, then the Beynid country of Erados has taken such notions to cultural extremes. As the language of Eradín originates from this country, some etymologists and anthropologists believe that it's fully possible that the reot cultural mannerism of adopting a nickname in lieu of being called by one's personal name originated from Erados' concept of "social roles" as well.

In Erados, the variety of roles one occupies in society are viewed as discrete and separate; the worker is different from the husband who is different from the passerby on the street. Acknowledging someone's other roles in a separate social context is considered improper and invasive, mingling aspects of life that don't belong together and undermining whatever reputation that person has sought to maintain in their current role. Some Eradosi take this to an extreme and will make their faces look as different as possible to prevent others from recognizing them, but to most Eradosi, simply being in a different social context will indicate to others what role is currently being occupied. Nonetheless, many Eradosi, regardless of to what extent they try to keep their various identities unrecognizable to others, will have different names, however slight the differences may be, for each of their identities.

Day-to-day life in Erados is structured and resistant to external disorder and unpredictability, which is seen as an inherently juvenile and childish notion. Eradosi children are expected to have fluctuating, conflicting identities that overlap with one another or to breach social mores; adults are expected to adhere to proper customs based on whatever situation they are in. This is not to say all of Erados is completely planned and scheduled, just that behavior and identity must match the context; going to a party where everyone has accepted that it will be loud and boisterous and then behaving as a "stick in the wet sand" would be as much of a violation of Eradosi social context as going to a quiet office workplace and being as disruptive as possible to other workers.