Fallen Arm Station

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A small station within Estvoled's orbit, the Fallen Arm Station is a lawless area where all sorts of illegal activity takes place. The Fallen Arm Station has thought to be left alone despite the criminal activity that takes place within on account of just how many high-profile pirates, mercenaries, and other powerful criminals have it under their protection; any government that tried to intervene in the Fallen Arm Station would find themselves under heavy fire from criminals all across the galaxy.


Originally, the Fallen Arm Station was part of a series of small satellites for the Veriol Alliance, each named for a different part of a body since they were part of the same project. The Fallen Arm Station, then called the Left Arm Station, was primarily a research facility for monitoring space debris activity. However, it was abandoned sometime in the early 4000s, and it quickly became a popular location for pirates to meet up. Before the Veriol Alliance could even lay claim on the station, it had become a hive of scum and villainy, too risky and costly for the Veriol Alliance to try to reclaim. As such, it was left alone, and there were rumors that some high-ranking Veriol officials -- even members of the Veriol Council -- would make use of its black markets.

Because of its "fallen" status, it is now called the Fallen Arm Station.