Fallen Arm Station: The Derelict Trine

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Fallen Arm Station: The Derelict Trine is a campaign exclusive to Arplakoon's fourth dream for The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy. After falling afoul of the Veriol Alliance and its Minister of War, Zervat Aniklý, the Time-Leapers and their allies have been forced to go into hiding. With nowhere else to go, they turn their eyes to the nearby Fallen Arm Station, somewhere so lawless that even the Veriol Alliance won't be able to easily pursue them. However, escaping trouble entirely won't be that simple... Fallen Arm Station is full of ruthless brigands, and both the information that the Time-Leapers have brought with them and whatever they may uncover at the station itself could further plunge them into chaos.

This Fallen Arm Station campaign is only for Arplakoon's fourth dream, as its events rely on fourth dream-exclusive situations and characters. It is not connected to Fallen Arm Station: The Sparrowhawk's Hope beyond sharing a setting and some characters.