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Template:GodslayerFeivelkt is a heavy falchion and was the second of the godslaying weapons to be forged. Its name means "Blazing Phoenix" in Scheli-dren.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


Feivelkt has a curved, crimson blade that seems to pulse with sparks when awakened. Its golden hilt resembles a phoenix with a ruby for the eye and wings outlined with red lines.

When inactive, Feivelkt does not pulse with fire, and its blade is a regular, metallic color as opposed to the deep scarlet.


The voice of Feivelkt is compelling and strong, speaking somewhat slowly but very deliberately. Apparently, its voice never becomes angry or overly stern.

In the second dream of Arplakoon, Feivelkt's voice is scornful and abrasive, somewhat higher pitched than the voice previously attributed to it. According to one of its wielders following this change, it frequently speaks and can rarely be silenced.

It is said that when introducing itself, Feivelkt will tell its new wielder, "You have a great destiny, and I will aid you in fulfilling it."


The incantation to awaken Feivelkt is spoken in Scheli-dren.

"Siseich Feivelkt, vee ro-raudelkt!"

Translated, it means, "O Blazing Phoenix, reveal your power to me!"


The spirit trapped inside of Feivelkt is that of Anleiter Velkt, the father of Aricrauer (its current wielder). Likely as a result of his daughter being the sword's only wielder after him, Anleiter is gentle and guiding, but also firm in his convictions. Given Aricrauer's comments about how Feivelkt was "comforting" to hold after it came into her possession, it can only be assumed that Anleiter continued to watch out for his daughters even in death.

In Arplakoon's second dream, Anleiter's consciousness was ousted and replaced by that of Set Sietsan.

Corrupted Feivelkt

In Arplakoon's second dream, Feivelkt was corrupted by Rotus and Set following its acquisition. Anleiter Velkt's spirit was still trapped inside, and his anguished cries could be heard as the sword was turned against Cameo and Isaak. After Set died, Ddremmu tried to take the sword, but instead, she witnessed a vision with three things -- a parent and a child, ruins upon ruins, and a small sapling blooming in a wasteland. Eiorozziore's consciousness indicated that the sword had been "defiled" and insisted they leave it behind, lest its corruption spread.

Jaspur, unaware of the sword's state, held it to commune with the spirit inside. After he gave it back to Kit, he found that his hand glowed with a white power like that of the corrupted Feivelkt. Rotus indicated this power as being that of a god called Kraderag.