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The isolationist Raljikkan nation of Felddun has firmly kept its borders closed to non-iddun for longer than anyone can remember, and they have consequently shunned any "outside" technology or advancements as a result. For the most part, arcane magic making use of Chrono is seen as the truest form of magic; iddun inventions tend to be as simple as possible to avoid conflicting with arcane magic. For the most part, divine magic of any kind is not seen as magic at all, instead viewed as some sort of alternate, non-magical source of powers derived from something else. However, the inhabitants of Felddun do still have clerics and other users of divine magic, and they predominately organize themselves in orders and other groups to help maintain society and traditional iddun values.

Felddun's government is weak and mostly exists to keep other nations outside of Felddun's borders. Positions of power are seen as undesirable in Felddun, as the positions carry immense responsibility that dominate the lives of the short-lived iddun race; in effect, due to how short-lived iddun are compared to outsiders, government positions are seen as lifelong callings with little benefit. This viewing of temporality extends to most things in Felddun; though society is traditional and conservative, ensuring unchanging values across generations, the people are as fleeting as magic trails in the sky. Relationships of all sorts are not viewed as something that "ought" to last a lifetime -- children outgrow their parents, friends drift apart, couples break up, and so on. Such is necessary for someone to lead a fulfilling life and to enjoy as much as possible before their short times come to an end. Magic is utilized to make everything as streamlined and simple as possible; despite their naturally short lives, the iddun of Felddun tend to see little reason to ever leave the country. Those struck with wanderlust as said to follow the wandering goddess Renddar, and they are normally the only ones who will depart from Felddun and seek new lands.