First Galactic War

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The First Galactic War was a conflict between the Alamo Empire, the Veriol Alliance, and the Gerualdi Union that spanned from the years 2702 to 2795. Being the first of the Galactic Wars, it is thought to have set the stage for the culture of war, mistrust, and hatred that would govern the Ealdremen Galaxy's history for countless years after.


The First Galactic War’s inciting incidents can be traced to the very formation of the Alamo Empire. Named for Delaaor Alaamo, a cabarian who mysteriously vanished after leading the efforts on pushing the unwanted Estvoldian settlers out of Raljikka, the Alamo Empire intended to unite the galaxy under a common banner and push forward in progress. In fact, they quickly established footholds in the planet Sigzlor, whose population loathed Estvoled and what its people had done to them during periods of occupation. A multi-planet group was a foreign and terrifying notion to the galaxy at the time, and the governments of Estvoled rapidly withdrew their people from Raljikka and Sigzlor, not wishing to draw the Alamo Empire’s ire while also secretly preparing for what seemed to be imminent war.

After all of Raljikka and Sigzlor had become part of the Alamo Empire, the sixth emperor, High Emperor Sergan Aninaff, turned his sights on Gerualdi, believing that it would be sympathetic to the Empire’s cause and have similar grievances against the Estvoledians. However, Gerualdi refused to heed the Alamo Empire’s call. Records vary about what transpired next, but the generally accepted account is that the Alamo Empire was provoked in some manner. The Alamo Empire then unleashed war upon Gerualdi, and the allied governments of Estvoled, called the Veriol Alliance, responded in turn, leaping to Gerualdi’s aid. Gerualdi itself united against the Alamo Empire, forming the Gerualdi Union.

The war was greatly lengthened by the relative lack of sophisticated space travel. Fleets took years to arrive at planets, even when using technology that was, at the time, cutting-edge for space exploration.

Nearly a full century passed, and the Alamo Empire’s ninth emperor, High Empress Fridir Dusktail, eventually surrendered and withdrew all Alamo-affiliated fleets from Gerualdi. Because the brunt of the war had taken place on Gerualdi, the Gerualdi Union demanded costly reparations, but even that did little to alleviate the significant drop in morale among Gerualdians.