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"Keh... heh... heh... heh..." }}
"Keh... heh... heh... heh..." }}
Full Name: Five
Pronunciation: As number
Race: Sabarus Alpha
Gender: Ostensibly Male
Born: ???
Died: {{{sixth}}} }}

Five is a mysterious, unpredictable Sabarus Alpha with volatile and violent tendencies. Unhinged in several senses of the word, he appears addicted to sensory pleasures, though his hardware limits his capacity to receive them. As a result, he appears to have taken to darker activities - killing, stealing, and burning - to satisfy his appetite for satisfaction. Though he takes insane glee in his capacity for destruction, he can be amiable and cooperative with others - so long as staying with them keeps him sufficiently entertained. He has an unexpectedly refined taste for art and music, particularly of refined baroque style.

Appears to have a bionic raccoon companion named Ratio.


Part of an unnamed nonsentient series built on the cheap by a black-market machinist, #5 was sold at high profit to one Mr. Valfierno along with his companion units, #1 through #10. With no records of the unlawful deal, the name of Five's original creator appears to have been lost, perhaps forever. Valfierno, a wealthy and affluent museum curator, used them alternately as a labor force, a task force for exploring historical sites, and as a coercion force to add to the museum's stores (and his own prestige and reputation).

On one particular excursion, Unit #5 - traveling alone - discovered a chronous anomaly while afield. Years, however, had made it unstable, and the resulting Chrono reaction knocked him off his feet. When he awoke, however, he awoke not as Unit #5, but as Five - mind heady with the taste of his first broken law, and eager to continue.

Over the years, he became a skilled thief of art and occasionally jewels, hopping from museum to museum, amassing an impressive set of trophies, enjoying the thrill of controlling his own destiny. The reports of his deeds and appearance trickled back to Mr. Valfierno, however, and the curator's response was to send out Unit #10 - the most combat-primed of their series - to hunt him down. Now, Five lives on the run - reveling in the thrill of the moment, his appetite for destruction, and his "art".

The years spent in an art museum, albeit while only partially sentient, has left Five with a bizarre taste for his actions carrying meaning. He will always choose the option that lets him make a statement, or that seems more appropriate/fitting somehow.


His craft is called the Lucky Number.

Image Gallery (Five Shrine)