Fol Atzo

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An expansive city along the coast of Nicta, Fol Atzo is one of the most prominent cities in the Gerualdi Union's economy. Bustling, full of active businesses, and densely populated, Fol Atzo also has the reputation of being controlled by violent gangs. Some gangs are more invisible and behind the scenes, but others are abundantly plain in sight and in public view.  No one is quite sure why the government turns a blind eye to the gangs' presence in the city; some believe it might just be because it's easier than dealing with them. Others spread rumors that the most deeply entrenched gangs in Fol Atzo have their hands in the government and have made themselves functionally untouchable.

The Red Quasars, a notorious band of pirates that roam the depths of space, originally got their start as a gang in Fol Atzo.