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Template:GodslayerGanrikkat (pronounced gahn-reek-kaht) is a dagger and was the fourth of the godslaying weapons to be forged. Its name means "Timeripper" in Alamin.

O child of a shattered bloodline...
You are not yet ready
to know what lies ahead.


Ganrikkat, when in its awakened form, has a wickedly sharp curved blade and pulses with violet and black auras. The blade, when active, will not reflect any light, instead seeming as dark as the depths of space and even seeming to have stars trapped within it. Its hilt is inlaid with amethysts and is pitch-black. According to Arplakoon, Ganrikkat was created from him, though he didn't specify how.

When inactive, Ganrikkat is rusted over and looks much more dull. The gems look as through they were forcibly removed, only having an empty hole where they would be.


The voice of Ganrikkat is bitter and often misanthropic, rebuking the wielder for attempting to use its power. It speaks forcefully and sometimes even poetically, though frequently with a degree of self-deprecation. Nonetheless, Ganrikkat is confident and resistant to people so much as picking it up.

It is said that when introducing itself, Ganrikkat will tell its new wielder, "They call me the weakest of my kin, yet more blood has been spilled to acquire me than any other."


The incantation to awaken Ganrikkat is spoken in Alamin.

"Altur svar klukkral! Vilð i sarnaral!"

Translated, it means, "Turn back the clock! Answer to the child of the future!"