God's Land

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The immense desert that covers almost all of Beyne is known as God's Land to the planet's inhabitants. The origins of the name are the subject of many urban legends and rumors. The most accepted explanation is that the desert is where religious zealots, seen as a threat to civilized society, were cast out. They were essentially allowed to be closer to their god in death. Others claim that God's Land got its name from superstitious Gerualdi Union explorers who viewed Beyne as the end of the universe, where gods were said to dwell. Consequently, such an inhospitable land would be only where a god could survive.

God's Land is not an entirely flat desert, contrary to popular perception. There are actually quite a few mountains and canyons throughout it; any society away from the great sea Ra Lar will almost surely be close to or in the mountains, such as Scrapyard or Nalmación. All in all, God's Land is craggy, rocky, and difficult to traverse even under the best of conditions. The arid environment has led the beasts of the area to be very dangerous and active especially at night, when it is much cooler.

To this day, there are rumors of occultish groups living in God's Land, hidden away from society and practicing forbidden rites. While some countries -- particularly those that border God's Land -- are concerned about these groups, the vast majority of Beynid society adopts an "out of sight, out of mind" attitude towards them.