God's Scions

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Chrono Stars: God's Scions is a series of campaigns that take place prior to the ritual that changed the precursors into modern-day Kylians. Players explore the planet Mioura long before its cataclysmic destruction -- when its socieites were lively and bustling, not long-abandoned ruins of the past, and when its greatest nations were at the height of their power.


The records of the wars between the nations Ores and Gralshad are, at best, fragmented and unclear on what exactly happened. The only thing that the records agree on is that Ores defeated Gralshad, subjugating its people and taking over its cities as a demonstration of the Orians' power. However, there must be more to the story of the Orian-Gralshadi War -- unsung heroes and long-forgotten villains that changed the course of history and who were, until now, unknown.


Being set in the Ealdremen Galaxy's distant past, God's Scions commands a different set of rules than other games. The only playable race are the precursors, though different castes and nationalities of precursors will offer varying "racial" abilities to compensate for the lack of customization in race.

Technology is not very advanced; firearms do not exist, nor does any Chronotech. Consequently, classes that rely on the use of more advanced technology or firearms cannot be played unless modified to remove the material that is too advanced for the game. Class also indicates societal hierarchy more closely than it does in other campaigns due to the more caste-oriented society of Ores, such as magic-using classes being nobility in most cases.

God's Scions is freeform and does not have a linear plot that must be adhered to, although its nature means that characters will, at some point, be confronted with the consequences of major events such as the Orian-Gralshadi War, Dokani the Necromancer's trial, and the ritual, even if they choose not to directly participate in them.

Because the game can take in-universe decades of time, players may choose to keep the same character through the in-game years or to eventually retire that character and roleplay a new character, including the old character's descendant or relative. "Timeskips" may be employed when the players desire to move onto the next stage of God's Scions, though they are permitted to tarry in a particular "era" as it suits them.

Dreams of Arplakoon

God's Scions takes place during the first dream of Arplakoon. It will not incorporate aspects of other dreams into the game, even when the events of God's Scions would cross over into the time covered during the Mioura campaign from The Fall of the Ealdremen Galaxy.