Gods, Our Foils

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"Tell me now, even if it is a lie, that angels unseen watch over the works of men."


'Chrono Stars: Gods, Our Foils is a series of campaigns that take place within the worlds of the Sacangun System. Players venture throughout this low-technology system to unravel its secrets and survive the endless war between angels, fiends, and those caught in between.


Sacangun -- where gods fear to walk.

Creatures from other planes rip from the very air at a moment's notice. Angels call down the might of the heavens, judging mortals for their wrongdoings and trying to purge the world of its potential for evil. Fiends roam the world in search of mortals to corrupt and entice with promises of power. Beings of pure law and chaos tear worlds asunder in their resolution to dictate absolutes -- and in the middle of it all is you.

Compared to the monsters from other worlds, you are nothing. All you have are your companions, perhaps loyal animals whose ancestors were tamed long ago by your forebearers, perhaps descendants of other desperate survivors, perhaps nothing more than the weak magic that leaps between your fingertips and the iron-headed spear that can barely pierce the hide of a rabbit, never mind a demon.

Where gods have absolute power, you are absolutely powerless. Where gods know all things, you find yourself trapped in worlds of mystery with no answers. Gods can take many forms, but they're all-powerful, all-knowing, and far beyond you. Gods are your foils, your opposite in every way.

Now go. Take up your weak body, band together with your similarly weak companions, and foil the gods of your world.