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Few permanent settlements exist in Gorros even relative to the rest of the Beynid nations on the fringes of God's Land, as the Gorrosans predominately live their lives on the road -- or off-road, as the case may be for the more daring and reckless. Automobiles are regarded as the pinnacle of independence and individuality, as the Gorrosans will customize their vehicle of choice to represent themselves and how they want others to see them. Children are considered proper adults when they are capable of driving and have their own vehicle, which is often built from abandoned wrecks out in the desert; once independent, a child may stay with their existing group or strike out on their own. Some eventually find a new group to become part of, often others close to their age that serve as their new family; others might stay behind with their family.

Collectively, as few, unretired Gorrosans will stay in place for longer than a year at a time, there is a culture of paying good deeds forward and group responsibility. If nobody fixed the pit stops throughout Gorros, then no one would get to utilize them; therefore, it's the responsibility of anyone who uses them to ensure that they're there in the future for others to use. Roaming gangs will remember individuals who helped them out and mark them as allies. However, there is still a notion that one must be sufficient enough to survive on the road; constant burdens have no place on the roads of Gorros, as they only slow down the others.

Because only retired, disabled, or otherwise unwilling to drive members of Gorrosan society stay in one place for long, Gorros' government is predominately made up of such individuals, and they generally have the leeway to pass whatever legislature they want, albeit with the caveat that they are also the only ones who can fund such projects with taxes. Attempts to add tolls to the Gorrosan roads have failed, as free-roaders will simply go around the tolls even if it means going off-road entirely. As such, the wide expanses of Gorros are left to the wanderers; no one wishes to try to enforce lawfulness or risk earning the ire of the free-roaders.