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It is said that in Griste, the only thing louder than the people is the howling desert wind that razes the land. To protect themselves from the ravaging winds of God's Land and the sandstorms that result from them, Griste's people construct tall, dome-shaped barricades around their homes. The maintenance of these domes, as with most things in Griste, is up to the individual that cares most about them. In Griste, the protection of something important is a powerful action; to repair someone's dome or supply them with a wind-protecting cloak is a statement of caring deeply and intensely for that person. Lack of reciprocation for such an action is the cause of many social fallouts and heartbreak for Gristians.

Gristians speak with particular, loud emphasis on whatever the most important part of the sentence is -- most often the subject, but the emphasized word can be virtually anything. Discussions, debates, or lectures where the speaker views everything they're saying as important may come across to a foreigner as more of an angry shouting match than any sort of conversation; a Gristian would simply view the speaker as a poor speaker with low standards for "importance".