Heavens' Fog Systems

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The most distinctive feature of the Heavens' Fog Systems can be seen from other neighboring solar systems; the various systems that comprise the Heavens' Fog Systems have been rearranged according to mortal senses of aesthetic and design. From lightyears away, the network of planets and stars might be arranged such that they form fascimilies of bygone heroes or important religious symbols; the fog of the heavens, once seen as immutable and unchanging, was long ago lifted when the first Raashjin Sovereign founded the art of spaceweaving and began to rearrange planets to suit their governance's needs. Planets were brought closer or farther to the sun to increase the amount of habitable planets within a given system, though in time, certain planets became favored among the Raashjin, and enemies of the Raashjin could find their whole worlds slowly moved beyond habitable ranges as punishment. In this manner, the various solar systems within the Raashjin's control lost their senses of identity and became tiered according to the Raashjin's sense of what planet was valuable.

Raashjin agents can be found all throughout Ealdremen, where they rob Chrono from various other star systems such as the Castaways System to bring back home, as if insects carrying home resources for their monarch, where the various magic auras light up the skies and eventually become new stars made in the image of the Raashjin.