Heonfix System

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The Heonfix System is a star system located far from the God's Path Arm systems such as Ealdremen, Mimorneo, and Sacangun. Virtually unknown to denizens of the Ealdremen System, Heonfix is nonetheless a part of the Ealdremen Galaxy. It is notable to other systems for its constantly forming new stars even within the typical lifespan of a mortal creature -- a noteworthy feature to its adventuring inhabitants as well.

Space travel is common within Heonfix, though not with technology or spaceships; rather, space travel is done on the backs of anaerobic creatures that have been domesticated for centuries and that are capable of traversing long distances without trouble. These creatures, called allawicks, vary in size and shape, though most resemble whales, sharks, or fish and maneuver through space much like such an aquatic creature might swim through the ocean. From there, denizens of Heonfix will try to discover new stars, nebulae, and even newly-formed planets and claim them for themselves, forming rivalries or alliances with other groups for the sake of the hunt for new discoveries and the treasures within.