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The process of creating, trading, selling, or otherwise using counterfeit colors, Huehacking has become a popular clandestine practice among those who wish for literal greener pastures.

Huehacking was first popularized five months after ChromaCorp was created and the colors vanished from the Sector. The very first Huehacks where poorly made, only able to imitate muted, dull hues. Often, they would flicker back to shades of grey in times of intense movement. Overall, they were far less eloquent than the colors ChromaCorp presented.

Over the years, the technology and magic behind Huehacking improved dramatically. Once Huehacking became a real, tangible and financial threat to the company, ChromaCorp installed what they called Identification Nodes into the colors they sold, making it far easier for Tri-Parl authorities to sniff out those using Huehacks instead of the liscensed product. However, some makes of Huehacks have grown so sophisticated that they even include false Identification Nodes that imitate the real ones.

The process behind the making of each Huehack varies dramatically depending on the creator. There are, after all, many ways to produce color. Some Huehacks are simply designed to fool the eye into believing it is seeing color, while others project false color onto the object or person in question.