Imagination of the Spark System

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The Imagination of the Spark System is a solar system located far from the center of the Ealdremen Galaxy. Its planets long ago became inhospitable and downright dangerous; pillaged of their resources, their waters polluted, the air rendered unbreathable, this system's worlds are shells of their former selves. As a result, the inhabitants of this system by and large only exist within a utopic virtual reality recreation of the system prior to their desecration. Within this virtual reality, everything is equal, and everyone is capable of pursuing whatever they desire without any worries about the future. Criminals are forcibly removed from the virtual reality if their offenses jeopardize others' happiness or the existence of the system, and they are forced to harvest resources throughout the defiled worlds to keep the infrastructure of the virtual reality intact. After their period of service is complete, they are allowed back into the virtual reality, but the most heinous of criminals are exiled to reality for life.

Because the virtual reality can continue to maintain consciousnesses of even the deceased, this virtual reality system has a stable population of effectively immortal escapees from reality. The people by and large dwell within their own imaginations given shape by the massive supercomputer called System: SPARK, giving rise to the system's name, Imagination of the Spark System.