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Jaquén is a Beynid nation that borders the Ra Lar-adjacent nations of Aunjal and Golnar to the north. The country is known for its unusual, almost "comically Beynid" approach to studying other planes of existence -- which is to say, eschewing magic as much as possible and focusing instead on non-magical means of research. Following the discovery of construct-like outsiders, research facilities in Jaquén toiled endlessly to figure out some sort of mechanical or technological means of breaching other planes. If outsider-made constructs could go between planes, surely Kylian-made creations could as well if the "code" were breached. Though Jaquén's finest institutions and scientists have yet to open holes in planes of existence with technology as they aspire, the country is effectively automated by the usage of summoned creatures by way of a miraculous device known as GranAlísma following the Godbomb.

Because of GranAlísma, Jaquén has factories and menial jobs operated by extraplanar creatures pulled from the Outsider Plane for both research and labor. Such extraplanar creatures are always overseen by mortals who have proven able to subdue potentially dangerous creatures, but especially weak summoned creatures may be less strictly regulated for how easily even enough common people could subdue them; as a result, even citizens directly unconnected to conjuration or the summoning arts will still come into contact with such conjured beings. Other Beynid nations tend to regard Jaquén with suspicion with how the country is run, viewing it as playing with fire -- it's only a matter of time before GranAlísma fails and the whole nation crumbles under the weight of infuriated extraplanar creatures that seek revenge.